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Specializing in Telemedicine Evaluations for Residents of California and Tennessee

Select in-person availability in San Diego and the SF Bay Area Peninsula

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Remote neuropsychological evaluations utilize the same standardized neuropsychological test measures that are available for in-person use, optimized for administration in a digital format.


Increased Comfort.  Many individuals report experiencing increased comfort when participating in an evaluation from home, when compared to attending in-person appointments. Individuals can manage the climate/thermostat, and access snacks, beverages, and other amenities in their own home. Increased physical comfort can enhance attention and energy for the evaluation process.

Added Convenience.  By nature, a neuropsychological evaluation requires an investment in time and energy. Telehealth places less demands on time as one does not need to consider transportation time to and from an office. Telehealth also affords Dr. Bradley and her team increased flexibility for scheduling appointments to meet client needs.

Enhanced Privacy.  Participation in one’s home provides an additional layer of discretion. To enhance security, meetings are conducted using HIPAA compliant software.

Optimized for increased family/partner involvement.  Family members in different physical locations (e.g., one at the office, one at home) can participate in the same intake interview or feedback appointment without being in, or traveling to, the same physical location.

Assessment Advantages.  Many individuals are concerned with how aspects of attention and organization affect their life. Remote administration provides the opportunity for individuals to share views of their living space to demonstrate these concerns.

Minimizes exposures to infectious illnesses.

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