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Preparation for a Telemedicine Appointment


  • Identify a private location in your home to complete your assessment. Consider the following when selecting your location: 

    •  Is the location reasonably quiet? If not, do you have access to headphones or ear plugs?  Do you have access to a comfortable chair and table that will allow you to write if/when necessary?

    • Do you have access to a laptop computer or tablet with camera access that you can connect to the internet. A smart phone is insufficient for assessment purposes. If using a tablet, can it be mounted for handsfree use?

    • Is there adequate lighting so you can be seen on a camera?

    • Ensure you can access telemedicine software (currently using HIPAA compliant Zoom interface) and the camera is functional on your device. Please contact Dr. Bradley if you have technological difficulties before your assessment, one of our technicians can help walk you through set-up. 

  • Assessment day

    • Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before your assessment

    • You will need a wired mouse (required) and wired headphones (optional if using headphones) for one of the measures. A trackpad on a laptop, a mouse with a rolling ball, and Bluetooth devices are not sufficient for test purposes.

    • You will need access to the Google Chrome Browser.

    • Eat nourishing meals prior to your appointment and have access to some quick snacks in case you are hungry during breaks

    • Wear comfortable light weight clothing

    • Consider removing personal items and securing pets to minimize distraction

    • Silence phones and alarms

    • Ensure you have access to eyeglasses and hearing aids if warranted

    • You will need a piece of blank scratch paper and a pen or pencil

    • With the exception of select medications (e.g., stimulants), take all medications as prescribed. Please ask Dr. Bradley for questions about your specific medications.


  • Troubleshooting

    • In the event we are disconnected due to technological issues, Dr. Bradley or her team will call you to provide further instruction. In most cases we can reconnect easily, but in the event of unforeseen circumstances when this may not be possible, Dr. Bradley will call you to discuss the next steps. 

  • In the event of an emergency

    • Dr. Bradley may reach out to one or more of the following emergency contacts to ensure your safety. Please see Telemedicine and General Consent forms for information about these conditions.

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